About Dekker Consulting

Hi, I am Pep Dekker.

Pep Dekker

Hi,My firm has helped thousands of small companies become big companies by applying advanced strategies to online advertising. But that’s only the beginning, because I wanted to deliver growth for the healthcare sector. 

We help multiple divisions within Stanley Black and Decker reduce wasted spend and drive results. We have helped multiple clients build their internal media buying departments. You’ll likely see ad creative and landing pages for it when you search apply for a loan online.

In special cases, we take equity in high-potential clients and guide them through the minefields of rocket growth. 

Our company began when I realized there was more of a demand for my services outside the technical-marketing guy. In the early days, I helped B2B companies scale up their lead generation marketing via lead magnets and direct online applications. 

5,000,000+ leads and 12 years later I began sitting on panels and proving oversights on how to grow through inbound marketing. Today I’m known as the go-to guy for inbound marketing development.

We build selling propositions that are not merely unique but definitive; we help our clients build secure moats around their castles and thoroughly dominate their markets; and we harness the greatest lever of the 21st century, Network Effect.

I have numerous customers who have been reading my emails every day for 20 years. “Dekker Daily” as it’s affectionately called has a reputation for scorning fads and flash-in-the-pan techniques. Our customers value principle-centered advice and our level-headed approach.

Everything we do is focused on building long-term partnerships. Our long-term clients have seen significant growth and as a result, have been with us for years and I hope we can add you to that group soon.


We are building an agency to help teams grow. We focus on reliable, data-first marketing strategies that provide proof and scale. We practice what we preach and market our brand the way we market our clients, meaning we’re in it together. 

We never settle in the pursuit of our client’s goals.


To build a better, healthier future for everyone through the use of modern technology and innovative pursuits.



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Why Dekker?

As a leading provider of end-to-end digital marketing solutions, Dekker has invested in software and service capabilities to support its goal of bringing science to the art of digital marketing through its Health First initiative. 

With the need to respond quickly and effectively to capture and retain the attention of customers, leading marketers draw on Dekker’s solutions to measure, analyze, design, automate, and optimize marketing efforts in real-time — not just at scale, but also on a one-to-one level to provide relevant content and recommendations.

Dekker Consulting helps organizations transform their approach to marketing through industry-led business consulting and solutions that help our clients generate measurable business outcomes. We provide expert business strategy and vision development, business case creation, solution implementation, and ultimately link strategy to execution in ways that build continuous improvement and a foundation for ongoing innovation. We work collaboratively with you to solve your most difficult customer-facing challenges.

We are not typical

We know the pains and fun of growing a company from zero to millions in subscribers and revenues. Each of us is a specialist in growth, cumulatively across every aspect, whether it be paid acquisition, landing page development, marketing automation, email drip campaigns, or anything else.

We look at growth with both the short and long-term in mind, with the ultimate focus of building an audience.

Drop us a line, and see why we are recognized as one of the best growth and email marketing agencies out there.

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