Managed Inbound Marketing Services

Paid Advertsing

Appear at the top of search results with a targeted advertising and social media ad strategy, designed to attract local patients to your specific services.

Elevate your practice with a powerful combination of engaging social media posts, relevant blog content, and paid advertising — customized for you.

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Medical marketing Funnel development

Funnel Development

Acquiring new patients can be five times costlier than retaining existing patients.* That’s why it’s important to keep your existing patients engaged and satisfied with digital marketing campaigns.

Retain your patients for life with targeted email marketing campaigns. Dekker’s creative marketing campaigns enable you to announce your practice’s events, promotions, seasonal messages, and more.

*”Rethinking Customer Loyalty”, Emily Collins & Rick Parrish, Forrester

Website & SEO

Having a nice-looking medical website isn’t enough to grow your business. Dekker powers your practice with a high-performance site that uses the best search engine optimization (SEO) for your specialty and services.

Elevate your practice in local search results and grow your business, with a custom healthcare website and SEO services developed by industry experts.

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Let us shed some light on these common medical practice marketing questions for you.

Initially, we have a call about your needs and how our services can help you retain and attract more patients. After a team meeting with your account rep you’ll be briefed on what we believe is the next best strategy and course of action. 

Following your approval we get to work implementing the scope of the campaign and keep you abreast of the progress. 

You’ll have multiple opportunities along the way to provide feedback.

Lastly as the campaigns launch we’ll dial in our reporting so you’ll have access to the performance metrics of your campaign.

This is a general question so we want to add a qualifier here.

If you are investing in paid advertising the first meaningful results appear within a few hours of campaign launch. 

If you are investing in funnel development we commonly see results within a month.

If you are investing in website and SEO strategy the turn around time is anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on the scope.

For new practices we recommend, 10-20% of your initial investment to be allocated on new patient acquisition. 

For adolescent and mature business, we recommend allocating the industry average 3-5% of annual revenue towards marketing. 

To gain faster ROI from marketing investments the best approach is the marriage between digital and inbound, direct-response advertising. 

Our managed inbound marketing services offers personalized marketing capabilities, offering flexibility around scope, integration, skills, terms, and pricing to accelerate time-to-value, deliver game-changing results and accelerate organizations along their journey to marketing transformation without having to deal with multiple marketing entities.

Yes, references are available upon request.

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